Peripheral Distortion

In response to WordPress Photo Challenge: Curve

Many people think that, when someone with myopia wear glasses, his/her vision is the same with those who don’t need glasses. The fact is that, while glasses do make things clearer, it does come with many side effects. The higher the myopia, more thicker glasses required to make distance vision clear, and more side effects come with thicker glasses.

The well known side effect is minification. Minus glasses to correct myopia make things smaller, approximately 2% per diopter. That means, with my -12 glasses, I see things 25% smaller compared to normal eyes. Contact doesn’t minify things, which is why I prefer to use contacts than glasses.

The other effect of minus glasses is peripheral distortion. Photographer know this as barrel distortion, in which the edge of picture taken with camera appear curved. Vision behind minus lens also suffer from the same effect, where things in peripheral look curved. Compare the two picture below

Curved Door

The picture on the left is my vision without glasses. While everything look very blurred (try to locate the faucet), the door frame on the left is straight from top to bottom. When I put on my glasses, things got in focus (now can you find the faucet?). But, the door frame on the left look curved.

Thankfully, after decades of wearing glasses, the brain got used to the distortion, and simply cancel it out. I hardly notice the distortion, unless I really try to feel it.


If I Lost My Glasses…..

I will be in big trouble.

My vision is only clear for like 10 cm in front of my eyes. Things got gradually blurry beyond that. At 12 cm, the writings on newspaper become black smuges. At arm length, the headlines become a big smear. At 3 meters, I can’t find the newspaper.

I won’t be totally helpless either. I can see well enough to navigate around my apartment without bumping into things. So I can go to toilet, clean myself and find stuff if I remember where I put it. Cooking will be a bit of a challenge without cutting my own finger, so phone order will be wiser. In short, I still can take care of myself.

But there are longer list of what I will be challenged to do. Watching TV is impossible. It is a trade off being able to see blurry screen, or clearly see a part of the screen from 10 cm. Using computer is also uncomfortable. I need to bend myself to be able to see the screen, putting pressure on my back and my arm. Reading a book means that sticking my nose close to the page. Running outside is not advisable and not fun because you won’t be able to read anything. There are no point to go to work without glasses. I won’t be able to recognize who are sitting in front of me across the table. Presentation screen? Just a bright light

I will just probably sit at home, order some delivery, listen to the music and do nothing

Watch Your Kid’s Eyesight Please

I feel pity of this girl. I spotted her at a shopping mall in Southeast Asia, sitting in a stroller that is definitely too small (later I found out that it is her sister’s stroller), keeping herself busy with her parent’s smartphone, holding it so close to her eyes. And as you can see she already wear glasses to correct her vision.

IMG_20160325_165303 Large

She reminded me of the little me, when I was 10 or 11. I wore glasses as well at that age, being unable to see the board at school. Back then, it wasn’t smart phone that keep me busy, but books. I read hell lot of books, holding it as close as the girl in the photo held her phone. I read at night, on the bed, in the car, at the restaurant, anywhere.

Nobody told me not to held the book that close, or to took off my glasses while reading. At -2, I could still read books without glasses. Just like the parents of the girl, they just keep themselves busy with their stuff, happy that their kid keep herself busy instead of bugging them.

I can tell what will happen with the girl, based on my own experience. Soon enough, being forced to focus so close for a long time, the eyes will adjust. It will focus so well within that short distance, at the expense of distance vision. I required thicker glasses to see the board at school, and soon enough, the only thing that I can do without glasses is to read book, holding it that close to my eyes.

If she still keep her habit, and nobody tell her to put the phone further away, or to play outside, just like me and my book, I continued my habit. I still held the book that close, with my glasses on. My eyes kept adjusting with the need, as witnessed by my climbing prescription. Without I realized, now I can’t even read the book at the distance without eyeglasses. I only noticed one day, when my glasses broke. I was shocked that I really can’t see anything to do anything. I’m crippled, disabled, and needed the crutch called eyeglasses to function.

I was lucky that with my high myopia and inability to see anything without correction, I don’t have any other eye problems that usually come with high myopia. I hope the girl is lucky as I do, or even better, can someone please tell her to take care of her eyes?

Five Items on Deserted Island

In response to Daily Prompt: Five Items. A classic question, revisited: what are the five items you must have on a deserted island?

I would like to start this post with a caveat: Just because I’m in a deserted island, doesn’t mean that I want or plan to live there and stranded forever.

With that in mind, here is my list of 5 must have items on deserted island:

  1. My eyeglasses, if I would like to have a chance to survive
  2. A tent to hide from the sun, and to sleep
  3. Satellite phone, or some kind of radio communication. It is good to connect with someone
  4. A boat or raft, so I can visit some nearby island for variety.
  5. A multipurpose knife for various purpose, such as cutting trees, fruits, etc

What’s yours?


In response to daily prompt: The Eight Sin. You’re given the serious task of adding a new one to the list — another trait or behavior you find particularly unacceptable, for whatever reason.

Then let ignorance be the 8th cardinal sin.

When someone know that something is wrong, but pretend not to know and won’t do anything to fix it, or when we see someone in need, but won’t lend our hand, that is ignorance. And it won’t make the world a better place, hence why it should be the 8th cardinal sin.

I think we human should help each other, to get things right, and strive to make the world a better place. Too much focus on our wellness at the cost of those around us and the environment is ignorance.

So, ignorance will be the 8th cardinal sin.


Aside from putting my glasses in the morning, I don’t have any other favorite routine. In fact, the glasses routine is a matter of necessity and survival than favorite. True that I drink coffee every morning, but as told by nananoyz, it is for the survival of others. Since I live alone, the coffee really are not a daily necessity.

But, as part of my new year resolution, I have started a daily routine in the past 2 weeks: Meditation. For the last 2 weeks, I spared 10 minutes in the morning, right after I woke up to do 10 minutes meditation.

2014-04-13 12.56.09

I have been following the mediation program from headspace, practicing mindfulness. While I’m not there yet, I do feel calmer and controlled in my daily chores at work.

And I do still drink 2 cups of coffee for the survival of my coworkers.

At the moment, I’m near the end of the Take10 program as part of the free trial, and considering to pay for the subscription. If any of you are paid subscriber, I would love to hear your opinion and review. Should I pay and join the program?

This post is written in response to dailyprompt Just Another Day. I’m not affiliated with headspace or any of their marketing agency, not even benefit from referral.


It is 2 pieces of plastic, insignificant for most people, but I consider it as part of myself. It always go where I go, including the most private place such as bathroom and bed. In fact, in the bathroom, I shower without my clothing, but sometimes with that plastic piece. It is called eyeglasses, and it means the world to me.

IMG_3401 Large

My eyeglasses has literally means the world to me, without with, world become colors blended together. It is an integral part of my eyes. It is not natural part of my eyes, but just as with the natural part, all of them is needed for me to see.

It is the window to the world for my eyes, literally

Window of the World

This post is written in response to WordPress weekly photo challenge: Eye Spy

Walking Outside Without Glasses? Not Advisable

This simulation below is why for someone with high myopia like me is not advisable to go outside without glasses. I was walking along a road that is being closed for traffic, and cleaning up my glasses when I heard my friend yelled at me.

“Watch out for the branches”

By reflex I look up, and squint while cleaning up my glasses.

DSC_4762 Large
What branches?

“Where”, I asked her. “I don’t see anything.” “Put on your glasses,” she replied. I follow her advise, and immediately understand what my friend was talking about.

DSC_4761 Large
Oh that branch

So, yeah, walking without glasses is not advisable for someone who need -12 correction. At least, not where the road is full of dirt and garbage

The Squint Reflex

It is no secret that people with myopia tend to squint a lot when they are without correction. This is especially true for those with low myopia, as it helps to make things clear. I remember doing it a lot when my glasses was not up to date.

However, I don’t think high myopia squint a lot. First, you seldom see a high myopia without their glasses, for obvious reason. Squinting doesn’t help high myopia much, if at all.

But apparently I was wrong. I was cleaning my glasses during my morning run when I heard a horn. I instantly look up, and in a reflex, I squint. I think, the squint reflex was built in every myopic person, low or high.

At least, I was right on one thing: squint didn’t help much. It did help to transform the white wash out in the distance into vague shapes