Glasses Minification

In Response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

For non glasses wearer, or even those with low myopia, it might be hard to understand that minus glasses minify everything. It makes everything smaller. The higher the prescription is, the higher minification effect of the glasses. Each diopter approximately minify 2% of the world. So, with my current prescription, I see the world 24% smaller.

The image below demonstrate the minification effect when looking to computer screen through my glasses. The bottom part is how I see computer screen through my glasses. While everything is clear, it is smaller. It is still better though than the blurred image on the top.

DSC_0160 large

Fortunately, contact lenses don’t minify things, because it sticks to your eyes. This explain why I love to wear contact lenses instead of glasses, in addition to comfort.


And all was (and is) Sharp in the World

In response to Daily Prompt: Easy Fix. Write a post about any topic you wish, but make sure it ends with “And all was right in the world.”

I only remember vaguely on what I did to screw my eyes that bad. But I thankful to live in the time where, high myopia can be fixed quite easily.

I will be struggling to live in my blurry world had the glasses and contact lens haven’t been found. I won’t be able to go to school, as I can’t find the right bus number. Even if someone tell me the right bus, and another one tell me where to stop, I still won’t be able to read the board, or even see the teacher, or recognize my friend.

I also won’t be able to travel. I will need someone to help me to navigate the airport to find my gate, as any visual cue will be too far to read. I probably don’t want to travel anyway. What is the fun to travel when what you can see are only colours running together.

Without Glasses, All Landscape become Colors Running Together

I would also be mostly at home before dusk, as my vision get much worse at night. Without glasses, I can barely see anything at night. Multiple source of light mixed each other, overshadowing other things. I might even walk with my hand out in the front, holding onto the wall, to find my way in unfamiliar environment.

Lightsource run together at night without glasses.

Thankfully, these days, even high myopia is considered a minor inconvenience  in daily life. Just pop up the correct glasses, and all is good.. If glasses is inconvenient, too heavy, or hinder you to do some activity like sport, pop a pair of contact lens. And again, all was (and is) good and sharp in this world.

First Day of Wearing Glasses

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “First!.”

Saying that I got caught in school’s eye exam is not really correct. The correct way to say is that, I surrendered myself during the eye exam. I know that I have trouble reading the blackboard. But, being 9 year old girl, I somehow can’t muster the courage to tell my parents about it. So, I failed the eye exam, and when the nurse provide the report to my teacher, she surely called my parents. Not long after that, I got my first glasses.

I didn’t wear it on my way to school the next morning. I was still self-conscious about wearing glasses, although I knew I need it to see the blackboard. At the classroom, I pulled the plastic case from my bag, open the case and pull out my glasses. it was oval with a thin frame that I choose, so that not to look to obvious. I can’t really remember the prescription, but I think, it is around -1.5 and -2.

Slowly I put it on my face. This was the first time I wear my glasses in public, outside my home and optician’s office. I was surprised with the clarity of my vision. The writing on the blackboard, which was white smears, suddenly become crisp white. I can even see the feature of my classmate who was sitting across the room.

No need to say that, I was carried away with the experience. I keep wearing them during class break, and eventually until the end of school day. My friend said nothing about my new glasses. Some even complemented my new glasses.

My eyes got a bit tired on the evening. The sharpness and the clarity has put a bit of strain on my eyes. Probably, my eyes didn’t really used to seeing crisp world, and more used to seeing soft blurry shapes. I took of my glasses, thinking to give my eyes some rest.

Immediately after I took of my glasses, I squint instinctively. I feel blind. Everything look fuzzy and blurry. I tried to watch TV from my “normal” distance before wearing glasses. I can only manage to watch the show by squinting, or getting a bit closer to TV. I feel that I’m going blind after only few hours wearing my glasses.

I guess, I’m a full time glasses wearer by then

Meganekko Rinko

I’m grateful for my prescription after watching the video below. I can see that the glasses is so thick that the girl must be blind without them. But I don’t realize how blind she is, until she tried to read a book without glasses or looking into Landolt C chart.

I can’t really imagine how she see the world without her glasses. Does she even able to see shapes? Or only color? Can she even walk without stretching her arm?

Wear Your Glasses

“Agda, wear your glasses”

I think, the way I look into my laptop screen is so noticeable to him. He go back up, get my spare glasses, and go down and handed it over to me. Of course, from where he put his hand out, I can’t tell what is in his hand. I automatically squint a bit, and still can’t tell which glasses he get for me.

“How close do I see the screen?” I asked him. He demonstrate it by putting his thumb on his eyes, and his index finger some distance away. “I can’t see that”, squinting, and still playing the helpless girl. Without my glasses, his fingers is just one big blob.

“This close”, he pushed his hand close to my eyes. Close enough for me to see it this time.

I smirked and bury myself back into the laptop screen. Without my -12 glasses correction, I need to be really seriously close to the screen to read. I need to almost stick my nose to the screen. I need to move my head to see different part of the screen. Moving only my eyes doesn’t work, as the farthest part of the screen become blurry.

He then busy sorting some paper. I poke my nose behind him. Without glasses, I can’t tell if anything is written on it. I’m pretty sure with glasses, I can tell the small prints, and read it.

“Do you still need this paper?” He asked, showing me a piece of paper. “What is that?” I asked, squinting on a piece of paper. “Closer please.”

“Agda, wear your glasses”, he complained, but take it close anyway. “Not close enough”, I said. The distance where he put the paper is close, but not that close. The printing is only a black smear. I took his hand holding the paper closer to my eyes.

It is a piece of ATM transfer slip. “No, I don’t need it. What date is it?” I asked. While still looking, he bring the paper away. And all the prints instantly dissolve into the familiar blurry world.

“Hey, I can’t see, bring it closer”, I protested. “I can’t see that close, let me find the date”, he complained. Apparently the distance where things become clear to my eyes is too close for him.

“And wear your glasses please”, He exclaim for the third time. Honestly, I look around and can’t tell where he put my glasses.

The Sharp World

It was a long day at the office. I was doing hours of number crunching, and by 7pm, my eyes just cN’t take it anymore.

Leaning on the chair, I took off my glasses. I took a deep breath as the world dissolve into foggy myopia. I can feel my eyes relaxing from the strain that they endure for hours. The sharp numbers on the screen dissolve into white background, no longer piercing my eyes.

I took my -12 glasses on the table, and just sit there look around. I blink several times, each blink turns from darkness to blur. Without my glasses, the cubicle of the office is just fuzzy colors. I squint a bit, forcing my relaxing eyes to make out some shape, to no uses. I can only make out colors.

I walked to the window, not too far from my desk. Looking down, I can see lights moving few stories below. The lights look like big circles that bump into each other, moving into fuzzy way.

“Agda, still working?” Someone called. i look into the direction of the voice. “Actually just about to finish. Is that you Jake?” I asked. Through the blur, I still try to locate the owner of the voice. There are too much blur through my -12 eyes that I unable to locate him.

“Yes, over here”, the voice said. I still scan the room in hope to catch some movement, while walking back to my desk. I take my glasses and instantly see Jake near the door. And the sharpness of the world again piercing my eyes.

Is Hyperopia Better Than Myopia?

General consensus seems to tell so. In a movie, the one who grope around is always suffer for myopia. The vision is very blurred that even the glasses within arm length blends with the floor. It is never someone that is hyperopic who grope for glasses. Well. Someone hyperopic will have no problem with seeing in the distance, right?

I obtained a pair of contact lense with -20. While wondering how someone who need -20 correction see without one, the contact lenses make my eyes around +9 uncorrected. After few minutes, I’m grateful that I’m myopic instead of hyperopic.

No matter how severe one’s myopia is, a myopic eyes can always see something that is close enough. If for any reason I don’t have my glasses and I need to see things, I can always bring my nose close to that thing, or the other way around. This is not an opton for someone who need +9 correction

I stumbled into packaging of my contact lenses. Without +9 correction, there are no way I can read what is written on it. I’m used to clear the blur by bringing things close, but bringing the vial closer is only adding to the blur. Putting it as far as I can helps a little. It only make things smaller without really clearing it. As with myopic eyes, the packaging soon blur into the background.

A hyperopic without +9 correction won’t be abble to type this post without glasses as what I did now. My nose is almost touching my ipad, and I need to move my head to read because things at the edge dissolve into blur. Putting my ipad on the other room doesn’t help a +9 hyperopic to read without correction. The writing become too small.

If you think hyperopic eyes doesn’t need to grope, you are wrong. I ended up groping for my +4 over the counter glasses, because the glasses dissove with the background. And wearing the +4 glasses only helps a little to read the contact lens packaging

Back in the bathroom though, the lines betweentile is easier to see without glasses for hyperopic than myopic eyes. The line simply too subtle to see in the distance of my uncorrected vision. But I read and type more than counting tiles

Vision Simulation: Someone Over There?

Is There Someone Over There?

Without any correction, I can tell that there are 2 story building with roof, pot and trees. But the lady is totally invisible

Things are smaller with my glasses, but crisp and clear. The lady become visible in front of the pillar

How Close is Close?

General consensus accept that myopic eyes can’t see things that are far, but have no problem to focus to near object. The term close near for myopic eye however, is highly relative to severity of myopia.

Someone who can’t see further than one meter will need -1 glasses to see beyond that. For them, things between 1 meter to 20cm is considered near, and things closer than 20cm is too near, and become blurry as the eye unable to focus.

But for someone who need correction over -10 like myself, even things at 20cm is still considerd far. I just put a bottle 15 cm in front of me, and without my glasses, things are still so unfocused that I’m nable to make out any word. Things at 1 meter are very far, and beyond that, things are invisible. Colors run together without edges that ot is near impossible to discern one object from the other

At 3 meters, people without -1 correction might not be able to recognize face. I can’t recognize people face at half meter, telling whether somebody stand 3 meters from me is a matter of guess work and pure luck

So, is there any distance that I consider as too close? At 5-6 cm or so, the writings on the bottle starts to blur again. But I’m pretty sure that there are people out there with eyes that, without correction, even things at 6cm are difficult to read.