Super Power: Seeing Things Up Close

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My super power is the ability to see things up close, very close, like 8 cm away from my eyes. And this super power allows me to read very small prints, which normal people unable to read without magnifier.

Like most people with super power, they hide their power to blend in with normal people. I wear glasses to hide my power most of the time, a -12 glasses to blend in with normal people.



2016 Popular Post

In response to WordPress Discover Challenge: Retrospective

I am always happy to check on the statistic of this blog. Not because on how many visitors read a post, or comments  or likes that a post received, but more on which post caught people’s attention most.

So, from the stats, I look into the full year’s search engine terms that bring people to this site. And this is the top 5

  1. “see blackboard from 3 meters”. Google search on that term put page 2 of “Going Without Glasses” category as top result.
  2. “blind without her glasses”. This search term seems only for someone who are obsessive towards girl with glasses, and that is really describing me and what I’ve written in this blog
  3. how i see without my glasses“. A generic search term for someone who are wondering about myopia and how a person who need glasses see without them. I’ve post many simulation of my vision without glasses.
  4. going without glasses“. If number 3 above is those who want to know about the vision, this search term is for those who are curious on how we survive without our glasses. Not easy for a high myope like me.
  5. sex with glasses“. And finally, the S word. I don’t write much about it, so I’m a little bit surprised to see the search term landed an attention to this blog.

Happy new year everyone. Wish you a stellar 2017.

What do Glasses I wear Tell About Me

In response to WordPress Discover Challenge: Outer Layers. What story do the things you wear tell about you?

Blind! It is very difficult to hide the thickness of glasses with double digit correction. And the stereotype in the society is that when someone wear a thick glasses, he/she must be blind. It is funny, because those I am (partially) blind WITHOUT my glasses, not when I’m wearing one.

Nerd! This is another stereotype in the society that those who wear glasses must be a nerd who spend his/her time mostly reading books. This is not entirely bad, as they think nerd are also smart.

Weak! While this is more concerning for men, women also somehow has some issues with it. Besides, all you need is to knock my glasses, and I won’t be able to see you, right?

Maturity! Pick a thick rimmed glasses that suits your face, and it will add to your charm. It shows power, that you are in control.

Seductive! Remember that sexy secretary picture wearing low cut shirt biting her glasses? Seriously, if you know how to play it, glasses can be very seductive. No grown up men ever say no when I need help with my glasses. In fact, I usually have more conversation afterwards. And biting the temple of the glasses does help!

Live with It and Move On

“Here is a piece of advise for you”, said a friend of mine. “High Myopia is not that terrible and scary.”

As a high myopia, I will usually jump on that. However, I was talking to someone who not only a high myopia herself. I was talking to someone who myopia is so sever that will need to grope with her hand to find her way without her glasses.

We always think of her as a glasses obsessive, because only someone who are obsessive about glasses can be so grateful to need to wear such awful one. Her glasses, well over -20 range, distort her eyes so bad that it looks really small. She invested in such a good frame and lenses that even in such high prescription, it still look nice on her. “And the benefit of being a girl is that you can always put your make up on your eyes to make it nicer.” her response when anyone comment about how her eyes look behind those glasses. My problem? With her prescription, how can she even put on make up?

“Yeah, but it is the dependencies to glasses that sucks. Don’t you feel it? Especially when you need to have your glasses to find them. Everything is so blurry without them”, I still countered and took off my glasses. My vision, while bad, is nowhere near her vision without glasses. But still I feel vulnerable. Everything is so blurry that I can’t even tell anything. I immediately put my glasses on when I saw her coming towards me

She put 2 glass of tea on the table, one for me, one for her. “Agda, here is the thing”, she said while took off her glasses. Her eyes turns much bigger without those lenses. “I can complaint, or accept it and move on. Both won’t change my vision. So I decided the later and move on.”

Live with it, and move on

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Watch Your Kid’s Eyesight Please

I feel pity of this girl. I spotted her at a shopping mall in Southeast Asia, sitting in a stroller that is definitely too small (later I found out that it is her sister’s stroller), keeping herself busy with her parent’s smartphone, holding it so close to her eyes. And as you can see she already wear glasses to correct her vision.

IMG_20160325_165303 Large

She reminded me of the little me, when I was 10 or 11. I wore glasses as well at that age, being unable to see the board at school. Back then, it wasn’t smart phone that keep me busy, but books. I read hell lot of books, holding it as close as the girl in the photo held her phone. I read at night, on the bed, in the car, at the restaurant, anywhere.

Nobody told me not to held the book that close, or to took off my glasses while reading. At -2, I could still read books without glasses. Just like the parents of the girl, they just keep themselves busy with their stuff, happy that their kid keep herself busy instead of bugging them.

I can tell what will happen with the girl, based on my own experience. Soon enough, being forced to focus so close for a long time, the eyes will adjust. It will focus so well within that short distance, at the expense of distance vision. I required thicker glasses to see the board at school, and soon enough, the only thing that I can do without glasses is to read book, holding it that close to my eyes.

If she still keep her habit, and nobody tell her to put the phone further away, or to play outside, just like me and my book, I continued my habit. I still held the book that close, with my glasses on. My eyes kept adjusting with the need, as witnessed by my climbing prescription. Without I realized, now I can’t even read the book at the distance without eyeglasses. I only noticed one day, when my glasses broke. I was shocked that I really can’t see anything to do anything. I’m crippled, disabled, and needed the crutch called eyeglasses to function.

I was lucky that with my high myopia and inability to see anything without correction, I don’t have any other eye problems that usually come with high myopia. I hope the girl is lucky as I do, or even better, can someone please tell her to take care of her eyes?

Five Items on Deserted Island

In response to Daily Prompt: Five Items. A classic question, revisited: what are the five items you must have on a deserted island?

I would like to start this post with a caveat: Just because I’m in a deserted island, doesn’t mean that I want or plan to live there and stranded forever.

With that in mind, here is my list of 5 must have items on deserted island:

  1. My eyeglasses, if I would like to have a chance to survive
  2. A tent to hide from the sun, and to sleep
  3. Satellite phone, or some kind of radio communication. It is good to connect with someone
  4. A boat or raft, so I can visit some nearby island for variety.
  5. A multipurpose knife for various purpose, such as cutting trees, fruits, etc

What’s yours?


In response to daily prompt: The Eight Sin. You’re given the serious task of adding a new one to the list — another trait or behavior you find particularly unacceptable, for whatever reason.

Then let ignorance be the 8th cardinal sin.

When someone know that something is wrong, but pretend not to know and won’t do anything to fix it, or when we see someone in need, but won’t lend our hand, that is ignorance. And it won’t make the world a better place, hence why it should be the 8th cardinal sin.

I think we human should help each other, to get things right, and strive to make the world a better place. Too much focus on our wellness at the cost of those around us and the environment is ignorance.

So, ignorance will be the 8th cardinal sin.


Aside from putting my glasses in the morning, I don’t have any other favorite routine. In fact, the glasses routine is a matter of necessity and survival than favorite. True that I drink coffee every morning, but as told by nananoyz, it is for the survival of others. Since I live alone, the coffee really are not a daily necessity.

But, as part of my new year resolution, I have started a daily routine in the past 2 weeks: Meditation. For the last 2 weeks, I spared 10 minutes in the morning, right after I woke up to do 10 minutes meditation.

2014-04-13 12.56.09

I have been following the mediation program from headspace, practicing mindfulness. While I’m not there yet, I do feel calmer and controlled in my daily chores at work.

And I do still drink 2 cups of coffee for the survival of my coworkers.

At the moment, I’m near the end of the Take10 program as part of the free trial, and considering to pay for the subscription. If any of you are paid subscriber, I would love to hear your opinion and review. Should I pay and join the program?

This post is written in response to dailyprompt Just Another Day. I’m not affiliated with headspace or any of their marketing agency, not even benefit from referral.


It is 2 pieces of plastic, insignificant for most people, but I consider it as part of myself. It always go where I go, including the most private place such as bathroom and bed. In fact, in the bathroom, I shower without my clothing, but sometimes with that plastic piece. It is called eyeglasses, and it means the world to me.

IMG_3401 Large

My eyeglasses has literally means the world to me, without with, world become colors blended together. It is an integral part of my eyes. It is not natural part of my eyes, but just as with the natural part, all of them is needed for me to see.

It is the window to the world for my eyes, literally

Window of the World

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