About Me

First, let me tell you that, I’m not a real person. I’m a fantasy, or to be exact, an alter ego of someone who is fascinated with high myopia, and often do Glasses over Contact. This blog is created in response of WordPress prompt: New Skin.

I am a girl in my late thirty, tall, slender, and pretty with long hair. I work for an accounting firm in a country in Asia. I’m single, and living by myself in my 3 bedroom rented apartment. Sometimes, my boyfriend will stop by and spend few nights. He live in other country, few hours flight from here.

And the other feature of me that is significant is: I’m wearing glasses. I suffer from myopia, which to most websites, severe myopia. Without glasses, I can only see fuzzy shapes and colors.

I’m very conscious about it. My glasses are heavy, thick, and sometimes look out of place with my dressing. Even with the most expensive thinnest lenses, they are still thick. I picked several glasses according to my dressing style, but at my prescription, there are pretty limited option. And they are quite expensive too.

For most of the time, I wear contact lenses. So, don’t worry, I won’t complain too much about it in this blog. Instead, I will write mostly on my virtual life, or my host’s life, in response to more WordPress Daily Prompt.



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