“Hands, have you found my glasses?” Eyes asked impatiently.

“Not really, wait a moment”, answered Hands. Then a sound of something being dropped was heard

“Ummm…. I think I dropped your glasses”, Hands continue

“WHAT? What do you mean you DROPPED my glasses?” Eyes shouting. “I can’t see without them”

“Wait… wait…. I’ll find it for you.” Hands answered. Now Hands is groping all over the floor.

“Have you found them? Are they broken?” Eyes feel wet as tears begin to show up.

“No, I still can’t find them. Can you help to tell me where they are?” Hands sounds helpless

“I can’t see anything. You know I’m blind without my glasses. Everything is just shapeless colors running together without glasses.” Now Eyes were in full tears and sounds panicked.

“I can’t find them,” Hands give up. “I think we need Mouth to call for help.”


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