2016 Popular Post

In response to WordPress Discover Challenge: Retrospective

I am always happy to check on the statistic of this blog. Not because on how many visitors read a post, or comments  or likes that a post received, but more on which post caught people’s attention most.

So, from the stats, I look into the full year’s search engine terms that bring people to this site. And this is the top 5

  1. “see blackboard from 3 meters”. Google search on that term put page 2 of “Going Without Glasses” category as top result.
  2. “blind without her glasses”. This search term seems only for someone who are obsessive towards girl with glasses, and that is really describing me and what I’ve written in this blog
  3. how i see without my glasses“. A generic search term for someone who are wondering about myopia and how a person who need glasses see without them. I’ve post many simulation of my vision without glasses.
  4. going without glasses“. If number 3 above is those who want to know about the vision, this search term is for those who are curious on how we survive without our glasses. Not easy for a high myope like me.
  5. sex with glasses“. And finally, the S word. I don’t write much about it, so I’m a little bit surprised to see the search term landed an attention to this blog.

Happy new year everyone. Wish you a stellar 2017.


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