What do Glasses I wear Tell About Me

In response to WordPress Discover Challenge: Outer Layers. What story do the things you wear tell about you?

Blind! It is very difficult to hide the thickness of glasses with double digit correction. And the stereotype in the society is that when someone wear a thick glasses, he/she must be blind. It is funny, because those I am (partially) blind WITHOUT my glasses, not when I’m wearing one.

Nerd! This is another stereotype in the society that those who wear glasses must be a nerd who spend his/her time mostly reading books. This is not entirely bad, as they think nerd are also smart.

Weak! While this is more concerning for men, women also somehow has some issues with it. Besides, all you need is to knock my glasses, and I won’t be able to see you, right?

Maturity! Pick a thick rimmed glasses that suits your face, and it will add to your charm. It shows power, that you are in control.

Seductive! Remember that sexy secretary picture wearing low cut shirt biting her glasses? Seriously, if you know how to play it, glasses can be very seductive. No grown up men ever say no when I need help with my glasses. In fact, I usually have more conversation afterwards. And biting the temple of the glasses does help!


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