Live with It and Move On

“Here is a piece of advise for you”, said a friend of mine. “High Myopia is not that terrible and scary.”

As a high myopia, I will usually jump on that. However, I was talking to someone who not only a high myopia herself. I was talking to someone who myopia is so sever that will need to grope with her hand to find her way without her glasses.

We always think of her as a glasses obsessive, because only someone who are obsessive about glasses can be so grateful to need to wear such awful one. Her glasses, well over -20 range, distort her eyes so bad that it looks really small. She invested in such a good frame and lenses that even in such high prescription, it still look nice on her. “And the benefit of being a girl is that you can always put your make up on your eyes to make it nicer.” her response when anyone comment about how her eyes look behind those glasses. My problem? With her prescription, how can she even put on make up?

“Yeah, but it is the dependencies to glasses that sucks. Don’t you feel it? Especially when you need to have your glasses to find them. Everything is so blurry without them”, I still countered and took off my glasses. My vision, while bad, is nowhere near her vision without glasses. But still I feel vulnerable. Everything is so blurry that I can’t even tell anything. I immediately put my glasses on when I saw her coming towards me

She put 2 glass of tea on the table, one for me, one for her. “Agda, here is the thing”, she said while took off her glasses. Her eyes turns much bigger without those lenses. “I can complaint, or accept it and move on. Both won’t change my vision. So I decided the later and move on.”

Live with it, and move on

This post is made in response to WordPress Discover Challenge: A Piece of Advice


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