If I Lost My Glasses…..

I will be in big trouble.

My vision is only clear for like 10 cm in front of my eyes. Things got gradually blurry beyond that. At 12 cm, the writings on newspaper become black smuges. At arm length, the headlines become a big smear. At 3 meters, I can’t find the newspaper.

I won’t be totally helpless either. I can see well enough to navigate around my apartment without bumping into things. So I can go to toilet, clean myself and find stuff if I remember where I put it. Cooking will be a bit of a challenge without cutting my own finger, so phone order will be wiser. In short, I still can take care of myself.

But there are longer list of what I will be challenged to do. Watching TV is impossible. It is a trade off being able to see blurry screen, or clearly see a part of the screen from 10 cm. Using computer is also uncomfortable. I need to bend myself to be able to see the screen, putting pressure on my back and my arm. Reading a book means that sticking my nose close to the page. Running outside is not advisable and not fun because you won’t be able to read anything. There are no point to go to work without glasses. I won’t be able to recognize who are sitting in front of me across the table. Presentation screen? Just a bright light

I will just probably sit at home, order some delivery, listen to the music and do nothing


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