Watch Your Kid’s Eyesight Please

I feel pity of this girl. I spotted her at a shopping mall in Southeast Asia, sitting in a stroller that is definitely too small (later I found out that it is her sister’s stroller), keeping herself busy with her parent’s smartphone, holding it so close to her eyes. And as you can see she already wear glasses to correct her vision.

IMG_20160325_165303 Large

She reminded me of the little me, when I was 10 or 11. I wore glasses as well at that age, being unable to see the board at school. Back then, it wasn’t smart phone that keep me busy, but books. I read hell lot of books, holding it as close as the girl in the photo held her phone. I read at night, on the bed, in the car, at the restaurant, anywhere.

Nobody told me not to held the book that close, or to took off my glasses while reading. At -2, I could still read books without glasses. Just like the parents of the girl, they just keep themselves busy with their stuff, happy that their kid keep herself busy instead of bugging them.

I can tell what will happen with the girl, based on my own experience. Soon enough, being forced to focus so close for a long time, the eyes will adjust. It will focus so well within that short distance, at the expense of distance vision. I required thicker glasses to see the board at school, and soon enough, the only thing that I can do without glasses is to read book, holding it that close to my eyes.

If she still keep her habit, and nobody tell her to put the phone further away, or to play outside, just like me and my book, I continued my habit. I still held the book that close, with my glasses on. My eyes kept adjusting with the need, as witnessed by my climbing prescription. Without I realized, now I can’t even read the book at the distance without eyeglasses. I only noticed one day, when my glasses broke. I was shocked that I really can’t see anything to do anything. I’m crippled, disabled, and needed the crutch called eyeglasses to function.

I was lucky that with my high myopia and inability to see anything without correction, I don’t have any other eye problems that usually come with high myopia. I hope the girl is lucky as I do, or even better, can someone please tell her to take care of her eyes?


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