The Squint Reflex

It is no secret that people with myopia tend to squint a lot when they are without correction. This is especially true for those with low myopia, as it helps to make things clear. I remember doing it a lot when my glasses was not up to date.

However, I don’t think high myopia squint a lot. First, you seldom see a high myopia without their glasses, for obvious reason. Squinting doesn’t help high myopia much, if at all.

But apparently I was wrong. I was cleaning my glasses during my morning run when I heard a horn. I instantly look up, and in a reflex, I squint. I think, the squint reflex was built in every myopic person, low or high.

At least, I was right on one thing: squint didn’t help much. It did help to transform the white wash out in the distance into vague shapes


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