Halloween Night Walk

In response to WordPress Daily Prompt: Trick or Trick

“Trick or Treaat!”

A bunch of teenagers yelled as I answer to the bell. I immediately regret it, as I just run out of candy. It was pretty late, and I don’t expect any kids to still come and collects candy

“Sorry kids, I just run out of candy”, I answered.

“Then it will be trick”, one of the kid said.

I think for a moment. Just for the sake of Halloween, I thought. “OK, what will it be?”

They discussed for a while, then said: “We want you to walk to your fence without glasses.”

I took off my glasses. Those kids instantly blend into the blur. I squint hard and can see the greyish line under the street light. The fence. “OK kids, move away, blind lady coming”

I did it without hassle, as I know my yard very well. The kids were happy as they took off. But the experience left me to think, what if the trick was for me to walk through cemetery, at night, without my glasses?

Happy Halloween


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