Augmented Tamara

Tamara wasn’t born and grow up with high myopia. It would be easier if she was wearing glasses in the young age, but she doesn’t. All of it changed when her parents died in a car crash, leaving her alone with no money and no family.

In need for money, Tamara signed up to an experimental technology that promise to enhance human’s vision. The technology basically inject the natural eye lens with experimental nano technology. The nano tech can help to cure myopia, and enhance the vision by adding Virtual Reality to the vision. It is sort of having a built in Virtual Reality in your eyes, without the bulky VR google. She thinks that it would be cool.

Tamara woke up with a little headache from the procedure. She look around in her hospital room, but can’t tell anything different in her vision before the procedure. A nurse came in, alerted when she woke up.

“Good morning Tamara. How do you feel”, she said.

“A bit of headache. But other than that, all is fine. However, I don’t feel anything different in my vision”, Tamara answered. “Was the procedure fail?”

“No”, said the nurse. “The procedure will instantly correct myopia. But since you have perfect vision, you won’t notice the difference. We haven’t activate the experimental Virtual Reality Technology. The doctor will come in a minute to activate it”

Just as she finish, a tall Russian man come in. “Good morning Tamara, I’m the doctor in charge here. How are you feeling today?”

“Fine, thanks. We just have a chat about the VR technology, and that I haven’t feel any difference”, Tamara responded. “BTW, I haven’t got your name”, she said to the nurse and doctor.

“You will in a minute”, the doctor answered. With that, he pulled out a device, no larger than a remote. He pressed a button, and Tamara felt a tingling in her eyes. Suddenly, a yellow display showed up in her field of vision. It has the name of the doctor and nurse in it. It says: Dr. Leonid near the tall man, and Ms. Alina near the nurse.

“Wow… this is cool”, Tamara exclaimed. When she moved her head, the letter remain close to the doctor face, until it is out of her vision. “What else can it do?”

“A lot”, Dr. Leonid answered. “We have programmed several program on it, such as face recognition, street map, building plan, etc. It is connected to the internet so that if it can’t find the information in the built in database, the nano tech will query from internet”

“Oh wow…. this is cool…..”, Tamara still amazed. “So the program is successful. When can I go home?”

“I’m afraid that this is your home now Tamara”, said Dr. Leonid

Tamara look puzzled. “But this is hospital. I signed up for experimental program. You did the procedure, and it was successful. Now I want my money and go home.”

“Well, the procedure has always been successful all the time. We put up the advertising to attract young talented and motivated woman like you to become Russian secret agent. We enhance your vision to do the job, and tap it to our central computer so we can see what you see, and hear what you hear. This will be your home now.”

“NO WAY”, exclaimed Tamara. “I want to go home. You can take your money, but I’m leaving.” With that words, Tamara rushed out of the door, and run through the corridor.

As she runs through the hospital, she noticed that it is getting harder and harder to see things in the distance. She can see the face of the nurse as she pass by, but she no longer able to read the direction board until she is exactly underneath it. And soon, she no longer able to read the signage, even though it is right on top of her head. She started to bump into things and people, and when she finally find the main door by chance, she no longer able to see anything.

Her vision has deteriorated into hazy color blobs. She need to feel around to find the hospital wall, and walk, when she heard the voice of Dr. Leonid.

“The nano tech can cure myopia as well as causing it. It reacts when you are out of certain distance from your room, the further you are, more myopic your eyes will be. At the moment, your vision is around -70 uncorrected.”

Tamara lean into the wall closing her eyes and crying. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME????” Tamara can see her tears clearly, but other than that, everything is dominated by white color. It is as if she look through sand paper., with bright contrast hazy color run together on a white blur”

“How do you want me to do my job then? I can’t even see anything”, Tamara said when she able to control herself.

“We can override the programming, so you can see clearly and perfectly. And with the enhanced nano tech, you will be able to recognize things that is important for your mission. You will go into high ranked official, entice them to sleep and have sex with you, while at the same time perform your job as a spy”

“But no, I don’t want to have sex with strangers. It is impossible for me to fake it.” Tamara’s voice started to shiver as she imagine her new job.

“Don’t worry, we will provide a training for that. We also have it covered with nano tech, just in case it failed.”

Tamara feel a tingling in her vagina. First, it was mild, but getting more intense as Tamara feel aroused. Tamara started to moan, her hand rubbing her vagina and clitoris. “Ooohh.. please… ah…. don’t… do… this… to… aaahh… me…..”

By now Tamara crunched in squatting position. She tried to stand, but every move on her lower body only add to the intensity of the sex pleasure that the nano tech creates. She hunched and walk to the direction of Dr. Leonid voice.

“Plea… aaahhhhh ahhhh ahhhh…aaaaahhhhh”, Tamara come to orgasm before she can finish her words. She falls to the ground, blindly and out of control, as the orgasm took over her body. It was the best orgasm that she had. Once it is over, she laid on the asphalt, breathing hard to regain her composure and thought. Suddenly, she thinks that her new job is not that bad”

“I guess… I …. have … no choice….,” she said while catching her breath.

“Welcome to your new home”, said Dr. Leonid.


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