Friend Across the Road

An interesting sightings yesterday in my morning commute. I’m waiting to cross a street with few people. A lady next to me squint pretty hard to see across the street, some 10 meters away I think.

Her effort seems futile, because the next thing she did was top open her purse, and took out a black rimmed glasses. She put it on, and instantly recognize her friend, who have been waving for quite sometime. From the look, I think her glasses is about -3.

I’m curious about my own eyes. I took my glasses off and clean them, while looking across the street.

If without -3 correction, the lady was unable to recognize her friend, without my -12 glasses, I can’t recognize the lady who were standing 1 meter next to me. Looking across the street, I can’t even tell if anyone there, let alone recognizing a friend. All I can see is a massive blur of building, trees, and something moving around.

Probably you can get away without -3 glasses in most situation, but definitely not without -12 glasses.


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