Broken Glasses

In response to weekly photo challenge: Broken


There are nothing sounds more disheartening than the sound of broken glasses. Especially if  your glasses prescription is well over 2 digit, like me. It is like one of your senses are permanently taken away. The only thing visible is no more than colors and flash of light, and nothing to help bring them into distinguishable form. Nothing, unless I bring them close enough to almost touch my nose, or until I got a replacement glasses.

DSC_1881 Large
What a broken glasses will look like. The inset on the corner is what it actually look like by someone who don’t need any correction

What follows is usually a moment of panic and stunned. Then looking around to find some recognizable blur, through a heavy squint. It works at some point, and when it fails, asking for help is the only course of action possible.

“Excuse me, can you tell me where is the exit? I break my glasses, and so blind without them”


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