In A Blurry World

As someone with high myopia, I am very much familiar with the word Blur.

Myopia is defined as inability of the eyes to focus on distance far away. At the early stage, a far away distance is pretty far, like the whiteboard, or road sign. As myopia progress, the far away distance got closer, such as TV, and even book. At my current myopia stage, the far away distance is as far as 7 cm away.

IMG_3752 Large

In a practical world, without my glasses, everything is a blur. Above is how I see without glasses at night. If I were to walk without glasses, I will need to put my hand in the front in order not to bump into anything.

IMG_0174 Large


6 thoughts on “In A Blurry World

  1. people without myopia have no idea what the world is like, visually, without glasses!
    yep, visually, just one big, beautiful BLUR!!!
    thats the first thing i thought of two when i read this weeks photo challenge!


      1. Yes, I have had very short-sightedness since I was 7. I did try contact lens once, but kept losing them. I’m used to glasses and I like them. I dont like the dust that gets in your eyes without them and I like the blurry night vision without them. Maybe that’s why I like blurry photos so much, when everyone else was complaining about this photo challenge!!!!! 🙂

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