If I Can Only Take 5 Items

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Burning Down the House.”

Fire AlarmIn this part of the world, we live in apartments. Should the building burnt, and assuming that all living things are safe, we really need to plan what to take, because going back to the 20th floor will be much harder than going to into a house.

So, I’m doing this exercise seriously to plan what to take should I need to evacuate my apartment building. And this is the 5 items I will take with me:

  • My glasses. It goes without saying that, without my -12 glasses, it would be impossible for me to make it safe beyond few steps of the building. Especially if the disaster strikes at night
  • My handbag. In it is some money, credit cards, cash card, ATM Card and some useful and useless stuff a girl always put in her bag. Definitely useful if I need to find a place to stay, and buy food to eat.
  • My iPhone, so I can inform my friends and parents that I’m safe.
  • My laptop. In it is my work, photo, video, essentially my life
  • A pack of cigarettes. It must be a long day or night. Having a pack of cigarettes will help to ease some stress

So, what’s yours?


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