And all was (and is) Sharp in the World

In response to Daily Prompt: Easy Fix. Write a post about any topic you wish, but make sure it ends with “And all was right in the world.”

I only remember vaguely on what I did to screw my eyes that bad. But I thankful to live in the time where, high myopia can be fixed quite easily.

I will be struggling to live in my blurry world had the glasses and contact lens haven’t been found. I won’t be able to go to school, as I can’t find the right bus number. Even if someone tell me the right bus, and another one tell me where to stop, I still won’t be able to read the board, or even see the teacher, or recognize my friend.

I also won’t be able to travel. I will need someone to help me to navigate the airport to find my gate, as any visual cue will be too far to read. I probably don’t want to travel anyway. What is the fun to travel when what you can see are only colours running together.

Without Glasses, All Landscape become Colors Running Together

I would also be mostly at home before dusk, as my vision get much worse at night. Without glasses, I can barely see anything at night. Multiple source of light mixed each other, overshadowing other things. I might even walk with my hand out in the front, holding onto the wall, to find my way in unfamiliar environment.

Lightsource run together at night without glasses.

Thankfully, these days, even high myopia is considered a minor inconvenience  in daily life. Just pop up the correct glasses, and all is good.. If glasses is inconvenient, too heavy, or hinder you to do some activity like sport, pop a pair of contact lens. And again, all was (and is) good and sharp in this world.


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