First Day of Wearing Glasses

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “First!.”

Saying that I got caught in school’s eye exam is not really correct. The correct way to say is that, I surrendered myself during the eye exam. I know that I have trouble reading the blackboard. But, being 9 year old girl, I somehow can’t muster the courage to tell my parents about it. So, I failed the eye exam, and when the nurse provide the report to my teacher, she surely called my parents. Not long after that, I got my first glasses.

I didn’t wear it on my way to school the next morning. I was still self-conscious about wearing glasses, although I knew I need it to see the blackboard. At the classroom, I pulled the plastic case from my bag, open the case and pull out my glasses. it was oval with a thin frame that I choose, so that not to look to obvious. I can’t really remember the prescription, but I think, it is around -1.5 and -2.

Slowly I put it on my face. This was the first time I wear my glasses in public, outside my home and optician’s office. I was surprised with the clarity of my vision. The writing on the blackboard, which was white smears, suddenly become crisp white. I can even see the feature of my classmate who was sitting across the room.

No need to say that, I was carried away with the experience. I keep wearing them during class break, and eventually until the end of school day. My friend said nothing about my new glasses. Some even complemented my new glasses.

My eyes got a bit tired on the evening. The sharpness and the clarity has put a bit of strain on my eyes. Probably, my eyes didn’t really used to seeing crisp world, and more used to seeing soft blurry shapes. I took of my glasses, thinking to give my eyes some rest.

Immediately after I took of my glasses, I squint instinctively. I feel blind. Everything look fuzzy and blurry. I tried to watch TV from my “normal” distance before wearing glasses. I can only manage to watch the show by squinting, or getting a bit closer to TV. I feel that I’m going blind after only few hours wearing my glasses.

I guess, I’m a full time glasses wearer by then


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