Wear Your Glasses

“Agda, wear your glasses”

I think, the way I look into my laptop screen is so noticeable to him. He go back up, get my spare glasses, and go down and handed it over to me. Of course, from where he put his hand out, I can’t tell what is in his hand. I automatically squint a bit, and still can’t tell which glasses he get for me.

“How close do I see the screen?” I asked him. He demonstrate it by putting his thumb on his eyes, and his index finger some distance away. “I can’t see that”, squinting, and still playing the helpless girl. Without my glasses, his fingers is just one big blob.

“This close”, he pushed his hand close to my eyes. Close enough for me to see it this time.

I smirked and bury myself back into the laptop screen. Without my -12 glasses correction, I need to be really seriously close to the screen to read. I need to almost stick my nose to the screen. I need to move my head to see different part of the screen. Moving only my eyes doesn’t work, as the farthest part of the screen become blurry.

He then busy sorting some paper. I poke my nose behind him. Without glasses, I can’t tell if anything is written on it. I’m pretty sure with glasses, I can tell the small prints, and read it.

“Do you still need this paper?” He asked, showing me a piece of paper. “What is that?” I asked, squinting on a piece of paper. “Closer please.”

“Agda, wear your glasses”, he complained, but take it close anyway. “Not close enough”, I said. The distance where he put the paper is close, but not that close. The printing is only a black smear. I took his hand holding the paper closer to my eyes.

It is a piece of ATM transfer slip. “No, I don’t need it. What date is it?” I asked. While still looking, he bring the paper away. And all the prints instantly dissolve into the familiar blurry world.

“Hey, I can’t see, bring it closer”, I protested. “I can’t see that close, let me find the date”, he complained. Apparently the distance where things become clear to my eyes is too close for him.

“And wear your glasses please”, He exclaim for the third time. Honestly, I look around and can’t tell where he put my glasses.


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