The Sharp World

It was a long day at the office. I was doing hours of number crunching, and by 7pm, my eyes just cN’t take it anymore.

Leaning on the chair, I took off my glasses. I took a deep breath as the world dissolve into foggy myopia. I can feel my eyes relaxing from the strain that they endure for hours. The sharp numbers on the screen dissolve into white background, no longer piercing my eyes.

I took my -12 glasses on the table, and just sit there look around. I blink several times, each blink turns from darkness to blur. Without my glasses, the cubicle of the office is just fuzzy colors. I squint a bit, forcing my relaxing eyes to make out some shape, to no uses. I can only make out colors.

I walked to the window, not too far from my desk. Looking down, I can see lights moving few stories below. The lights look like big circles that bump into each other, moving into fuzzy way.

“Agda, still working?” Someone called. i look into the direction of the voice. “Actually just about to finish. Is that you Jake?” I asked. Through the blur, I still try to locate the owner of the voice. There are too much blur through my -12 eyes that I unable to locate him.

“Yes, over here”, the voice said. I still scan the room in hope to catch some movement, while walking back to my desk. I take my glasses and instantly see Jake near the door. And the sharpness of the world again piercing my eyes.


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