Is Hyperopia Better Than Myopia?

General consensus seems to tell so. In a movie, the one who grope around is always suffer for myopia. The vision is very blurred that even the glasses within arm length blends with the floor. It is never someone that is hyperopic who grope for glasses. Well. Someone hyperopic will have no problem with seeing in the distance, right?

I obtained a pair of contact lense with -20. While wondering how someone who need -20 correction see without one, the contact lenses make my eyes around +9 uncorrected. After few minutes, I’m grateful that I’m myopic instead of hyperopic.

No matter how severe one’s myopia is, a myopic eyes can always see something that is close enough. If for any reason I don’t have my glasses and I need to see things, I can always bring my nose close to that thing, or the other way around. This is not an opton for someone who need +9 correction

I stumbled into packaging of my contact lenses. Without +9 correction, there are no way I can read what is written on it. I’m used to clear the blur by bringing things close, but bringing the vial closer is only adding to the blur. Putting it as far as I can helps a little. It only make things smaller without really clearing it. As with myopic eyes, the packaging soon blur into the background.

A hyperopic without +9 correction won’t be abble to type this post without glasses as what I did now. My nose is almost touching my ipad, and I need to move my head to read because things at the edge dissolve into blur. Putting my ipad on the other room doesn’t help a +9 hyperopic to read without correction. The writing become too small.

If you think hyperopic eyes doesn’t need to grope, you are wrong. I ended up groping for my +4 over the counter glasses, because the glasses dissove with the background. And wearing the +4 glasses only helps a little to read the contact lens packaging

Back in the bathroom though, the lines betweentile is easier to see without glasses for hyperopic than myopic eyes. The line simply too subtle to see in the distance of my uncorrected vision. But I read and type more than counting tiles


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