How Close is Close?

General consensus accept that myopic eyes can’t see things that are far, but have no problem to focus to near object. The term close near for myopic eye however, is highly relative to severity of myopia.

Someone who can’t see further than one meter will need -1 glasses to see beyond that. For them, things between 1 meter to 20cm is considered near, and things closer than 20cm is too near, and become blurry as the eye unable to focus.

But for someone who need correction over -10 like myself, even things at 20cm is still considerd far. I just put a bottle 15 cm in front of me, and without my glasses, things are still so unfocused that I’m nable to make out any word. Things at 1 meter are very far, and beyond that, things are invisible. Colors run together without edges that ot is near impossible to discern one object from the other

At 3 meters, people without -1 correction might not be able to recognize face. I can’t recognize people face at half meter, telling whether somebody stand 3 meters from me is a matter of guess work and pure luck

So, is there any distance that I consider as too close? At 5-6 cm or so, the writings on the bottle starts to blur again. But I’m pretty sure that there are people out there with eyes that, without correction, even things at 6cm are difficult to read.


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