Who Cares About Small Increase

When the last time I visited an optician, an precribed -1 stronger glasses, I barely give a damn. In fact, the optician asked whether I want a new prescription or maintain my old one. With -10.5, I can’t read the 20/20 line. With -12, I can read it with some difficulty. Not that because it is blurred, but the line is too small as the high prescription cause significant minification.

The increase was probably due to my habit of reading on the bed with night lamp. I’am abusing my eyes, one might say, but it is broken anyway. There are small difference of needing -10.5 and -12 glassess. Both are heavy, and without glasses,both are still helpless anyway.

Well, maybe I’m concerned if my vision blur so much that I need to grope around without glasses, that even big things looses its shape, leaving only colors running together, so bad that I will bump into things.

But the things is that the incresing blurs comes slowly without I noticing it. I wasn’t really care at my younger age when I only need glasses to watch tv. But few years later I was shocked that I need to bring a book so close to my nose at school when I broke my glasses, that even friend sitting 2 seats next to me is so blurred that I can’t recognize her.

But its is all too late. As long as they can make thicker glasses to help my eyes,I think I won’t concern so much about getting new glasses. Without them, I’m helpless anyway


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