Where is the Toilet

There are few ocassion when I feel like doing shopping without any eye correction. Typically I will park my car, take off my glasses and leave it there so I won&;t be tempted to put them on. Afte a couple of blink, and sqnt to help clear the blur, to no success of course, I would walk out of my car and start shopping.

This one is a bit different though. I was trying some over the counter minus glasses. They max out to minus 4, which althou didn&;t make things sharp, they did help a bit to a point where I can read really big print 1-2 meters away with some difficulty. By really big I mean something that I can read from 10 meters without difficulty had I have my -10.5 in front of my eyes. Without any correction, the big print is only colors.

Then I feel the urge to pee. This is a supermarket that I&;m not familiar with, so I don&;t really know
where the toilet is. Even with help from -4 glassess, it is impossible to read any sign. So I walk out to the cashier, and ask for some direction to toilet.

“Oh, it is that way”, she point to a direction. I look, squint, blink, nothing other than colors running and moving. “That way?” I asked her again. “Yes, next to the hair salon. There are sign over there”. I looked again. Among the running lights, seems that there are a hair salon. “Ok thanks,” I said, still clueless.

I started walking towards the direction she pointed out, hoping that a hair salon will pop up once I got close enough. Without -10.5 correction though, it means right in front of my nose. Ten steps, nothing. Twenty, still nothing. I decided to ask for another direction.

“That way. You see that signage?” I squint hard. At most of the time, the signage is completely invisible to my uncorrected eye, and this time is no different. “That one”, he repeat. “Err, that. Way, right? Ok thanks.” I said to him, knowing that it will be still useless.

I walk another few steps and tried my luck for the third time. “That is the toilet”, pointing straight to my left. Without any correction, the opening of the toilet door blends perfectly with the background. I know squinting will be little help, but I did that anyway, saying thanks, and start walking.

Male, female, which one is it? The sign is well beyond my -10.5 uncorrected range of vision. I tried my luck to get into one of the door in order to get closer to the sign. Oopps, wrong toilet, I realized when a mn passed behind me. Putting a poker face, I walked to another door and loo.


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