What Time is It?

I woke up by a baby cry. When I open my eyes, I saw a silhouette of my friend, moving to comfort her crying baby. I close my eyes when I feel the urge to pee.

This is not the first time I sleep over at Abel’s house. Especially when husband is not around, I usually help with daily chores when Abel is busy with her new baby.

I know my way to the toilet well enough now in the blur, so I don’t grab my glasses. On the early days I sleep over, I manage to find the way out of the room. Then after several steps I realize that I was lost, unable to find the toilet nor the right door to the room. In my fuzzy high myopia world, everything looks the same in the daylight, and at night, everything went dark and fuzzier

I stopped in under the clock, squinting hard to tell the time. “What time is it”, I asked after several time unable to locate the hands among other object.

“3:30. Shit Agda, you are so blind”, Abel exclaimed. She was 2 meters behind me and can tell the time easily. I wish I can just flick a switch and all this blur will go away, except that no such switch exist

I nodded, the fumbled my way to the door, hands in front. Part of it to show Abel how blind I am, but I think I really need my hands to feel around through the dark, made darker by my myopic eyes


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