Realization Of Thick Glasses

Each time I took my glasses off my nose, the world as we know quickly transformed into the fuzzy world of myopia, the world where colors run together, lights become big blob, and thing has no edges. The inability to tell anything just slightly beyond my nose has always reminds me of how helpless I am without glasses, how dependent I am with that pair of glass.

But little did I realize how thick that pair of glass is. My glasses quickly dissapearvinto the word of myopia as it leaves my nose. To see the thickness, I have to bring it closento my eyes. By close I mean is less than 10 cm from my eyes. I seldom do this, except when inspecting a new glasses.

On other ocassion, the realization come when I clean up my glasses. The gap between my thumb and middle finger as I clean my glasses make me realiza that it is a thick lens thoat helps my eyes to see the world as I know


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