Comparing Myopia and Hyperopia

Using my glasses and contact lens, I can simulate what a hyperopic pair of eyes that need +11 correction sees without any correction. Comparing it with my own -11 uncorrected eyes, here is my observation

First, hyperopic eye seems to be able to see more through the blur. I can still see smear of line of small print on my lens solution bottle with +11 uncorrected at 1 meter away. Those line will be invisible with my -11 myopic uncorrected eyes, blended in with the blue background. Looking further at around 3 meters, I can count how many tiles on the wall. With my myopic eye, the black line between the tile will be hard to see

This is expected, as hyperopic are suppose to see better as things get further away. Things did get more fuzzy and blurry as I get closer, but at the same time also getting bigger, which somehow compensate the even more loss of detail.

The ability to be able to see something at any distance might seems good for hyperopic. At least, they never get too blind without glasses, like my -11 eyes.

Myopic eyes, however, can always see up close. The term close here is very relative, but there are always distance where you can see clearly. Taking the example of the lens solution bottle, I bring it closer to my -11 uncorrected eyes, and voila, I can read it crystal clear when the bottle almost touching my nose. With +11 uncorrected eyes, there are no way I can read the bottle

So, which one is better? It would be better to be able to read the bottle without it touching your nose, but if I have to choose, it would be better to be able to read the bottle with your nose touching it, rather than unable to read it at all


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