When I Just Take Off My Glasses

It is not easy to explain to commoners on the feeling when I just take off my glasses. It makes a different with my -10.5 glasses and without it. And the best way to explain is by comparing with when someone turn off a light. Quite close, but still different in some way.

You are in a bright room, when the sole source of light is turned off, making it dark. Not totally dark, but with some minimal ammount of light source. You will blink several time, unable to see things. What you just see is suddenly dissapear, and your eyes blink to adapt. Not for long, you started to see shadows. You can see things, but not really clear compared to when you have the light.

When I take off my glasses, especially after long intense close work, my eyes immediately blink for sveral times. I can feel the strain of my eyes, trying to focus to an object that once crisp. But without any aid from the lense, it was a futile effort. Sharp edges becomes fuzzy, and things that was visible in the distance dissolve with the background. Not ony small things, but as big as human.

But not for long, your eyes begin to adjust. I started to see things in the distance. It was unclear, very fuzzy in fact, with no details, but at least I can see that the red things over there is a human.

That is the closest comparison I can give so far. Any other thought?


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