Glasses for Cycling

I broke my pair of Cycling sunglasses yesterday. The cycling glasses was a cheap non-prescription sunglasses that I bought in favor of more expensive prescription sunglasses, so that in the event that it is broken, or misplaced, it wasn’t a big deal just to get another one.

The sunglasses for cycling serves 2 purpose for my eye. First, it helps to shade the sun. And second, it protects my eyes from dust. The second one is especially important, as I use contact lens in order to be able to see where I’m cycling without any prescription glasses. When the sunglasses broke like today, it will be riskier to wear a contact lens.

Myopic eye has an advantage here, as we will always have a lot of glasses. Picking my older spare glasses with my current prescription, I started my ride. It was a great ride early on. The sun is still low, so shading wasn’t really necessary on the first half.

The fun really starts when I start sweating. The glasses, with a pair of -11 lens, was heavier than my non-prescription glasses. It starts to slide as sweat fill in my face. Sometimes I just adjust it with one hands. But when I passed a bumpy road, I need 2 hands on the bike, and the sliding glasses did make some problem.

For an obvious reason, I need to see through the glasses, not over the glasses. Looking over my non-prescription glasses with my contact lens is not a problem, but looking over my prescription glasses without my glasses render the road, trees, signpost, and anything else into the world of blur. And speeding up on bike in the world of blur is definitely unsafe.

At the end of the ride, I find a backache on my neck. I compensated with the sliding glasses by raising my head, so that I can still see through the lens. And I did stop by at a shop next door to purchase a new sunglasses


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