Be Grateful for your Myopia

One one fine day, I was sitting next to 2 ladies. One of them seems pretty upset about her new glasses, and complaining to her friend who doesn’t wear any.

“So, what is your new prescription?”, her friend asked. “MInus two and a half each, up from previous minus one, I’m getting blind each day.” Now I know why she is so upset. Her friend just smile and comment: “But you look gorgeous with your glasses”

This seems to irritate her more. “I’m blind without it. I can’t read that street sign, or the menu behind the counter.” I chukled a bit. She can’t read those without he glasses. I can’t even tell if there are a street sign, or see that there is any letter on the menu board without my glasses.

“Those people across the street is faceless. I can’t recognize them if they were our friends”, she continues. I took of my glasses and put it on the table. My eyes blinks a few time out of reflex, and I can feel the strain when I look up across the street. I can see few moving object, but can’t tell what it is, I can’t even find the face, let alone recognizing it. Looking back to the 2 ladies, I can’t make out any of their face’s feature.

I guess a myopic person should look those with higher prescription, and be grateful. I look back at my book, only to see a big whitish blur of the paper with streak of black ink. She must have no problem reading without any correction. But someone with higher prescription than mine might even have difficulty in finding the book

She can wake up in the middle of the night and squint a bit to look at the clock. I need to bring the clock close to my nose, which is why I have small clock at the bedside table which you can easily grab. Those with higher prescription might have to grope to find the clock

Or something that is personal, during a woman’s period, she might wake up one night to change tampon with no problem. I normally grope blindly in the cupboard, find that I run out of tampon, and sticking my head to another box to find the tampon. Those with higher prescription will need to grope his way first before groping the tampon


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