How Do I Cope Without Glasses in the Morning?

Curious on how I cope without glasses in the morning, I decided to leave my glasses off over a weekend morning.

Unlike my ordinary venture without glasses, I don’t have the eyestrain when my eyes tried the futile effort to focus without glasses. I also didn’t feel disoriented, and easily walk to the bathroom to loo.

I went downstairs for breakfast. Human is basically the being of habit, so I find no problem in finding the cereal box without really “seeing”. That red box over there, the milk in the blue box in the fridge and the dried frood in the orange box. Grab a spoon, and open the cupboard for the bowl… wait a minute. Tha stack of bowl is different. I poke my nose into the cupboard to be able to see clearer – literally my head in the cupboard. Aha! Someone moved the stack of bowl deeper in the cupboard, which blends with the background to my -10 eyes.

I put them all on the table and take a seat. I spoon the cereal from the box, bring my head “closely” to the spoon to inspect that I get the correct ammount. Then, again, fixing my eyes “close” to the bowl as I pour the milk and put in the dried fruit. By “close” here means some 9 cm away from my eyes, where everything come into focus.

By habit, I grab the TV remote. I eat my cereal while listening the TV instead of watching. With 3 meters in front of me, I can only see moving blurs of objects. But magically, I can relate what is being pictured with what is being said. It is all about imagination that my mind start relating the big blue blur with beach as what is being spoken.

I give newspaper a try. I start with scanning the headlines, which is quite easy with larger print. At this point, however, the news itself is just a smear darker gray on top of light gray paper. I need to bring it closer to make up the small print.

The paper works. I really read copue of great news as I finish my cereal. Things to note from my experience here:

  1. Human are being of habit
  2. Seeing happens in the brain. And our brain can really do amazing work to relate what we hear and visual blur.
  3. Stop thinking that you have no glasses. You will adapt, like reading the newspaper. No way I can finish the newspaper if I’m conciuos that I’m not wearing any glasses.

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