How Do I Cope Without Glasses in Shower?

I found a silly question above here. Silly as it sounds, what seems natural for us who need aid to see clearly might be beyond imagination for the those who is not so dependant on glasses.

I did mostly took shower with my glassess off. Granted that, without the aid of the -10 lens, even the small bathroom will seems very fuzzy. But taking shower is one activity that doesn’t require sharp vision. The shampoo might look fuzzy, but I can recognize it through the red blob in the corner, not to mistake with the blue shower gel.Showering is one activity to free me from the weight of the glasses, to relax my eyes, and to enter my own fuzzy world.

In My Own Bathroom

My bathroom is 2×2, not that large, but eyes that can only focus around 10cm, the small bathroom is nowhere in detail. Glasses is normally the last thing I took of after my shirt & bra, so that I can see my body curve from the mirror.

I can easily recognize the toilet and shower, even with my eyes closed. I normally took my time to shower my face with warm water, to release tension from my eyes. Looking at focused world through the thick lens really make my eyes tired.

I can recognize the red shampoo bottle, and squirt it close enough to see the ammount I need. Shower gel is also easy to found, as I always put in at the same place. Even if it is moved, there are only so much space in the 2×2 room.

I have the habit to wash my glasses everytim I shower, so that I always have a clean glasses. Washing my glasses is mostly done by feel, except for the very close inspection to ensure that it has been cleaned. Then I wrap the towel around my body, put my glasses on and walk to my room to dress up.

In A Hotel Bathroom

Hotel bathroom might be unfamiliar compared to my own bathroom, but it is not so much different. Sometimes the shower does not have a convinient space to put my glasses. I normally place it at the bedside table and just walk in my fuzzy world to the bathroom. Like the photo below, it is not that hard to walk to the bright light, which is the bathroom, avoiding the big thing (it is a sofa)


Finding the shampoo might be a challenge, as it is not the familiar red blobin the corner. Typically, a few squint near the wall or the wash basin will do. Recognizing the right bottle is something that require putting my eyes 10 cm to read the label. I normally just bring my face as close as possible to the bottles


You see, it is not that hard after all


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