What Difference Made Between -2.5 and -10.5 at the Airport

Part of my traveling habit is that, I always bring a spare pair of glasses. The spare glasses is my old glasses with -8 lenses, 2.5 diopter less than the correction needed for my eyes to see clearly in the distance.I took the chance in my recent trip to compare of the challenge at the airport of -2.5 uncorrected and -10.5 uncorrected

The Flight Status

Full Correction: I can see and read the board easily as I walked pass through it

-2.5 Uncorrected: The board is hard to read until I’m right below it, with some squint. I can use some help by asking: “Can you help me to read my flight?”

-10.5 Uncorrected: Question would be: “What board?”

When Navigating the Airpot

Full Correction: Just read follow the direction to the gate, or toilet, or the shop guide

-2.5 Uncorrected: Squints help a lot to focus on the direction to the Gate. Toilet sign and shop direction might be harder to see. I need to be right under the signage and help from squinting. Sometimes it is hard to see which direction the arrow points to.

-10.5 Uncorrected: That big blob of yellow might be the gate sign, or something else, I’m not sure. It would be better to ask for the toilet, if you can find someone to ask. I will need to walk slower to avoid hitting people, as they also hard to spot until they are very close. They kinda blur with the background

At the Food Hall

Full Correction: I stand in the middle, looking around the food stall whie think what to order

-2.5 Uncorrected: I walk in front of the hall to be able to tell what are they selling

-10.5 Uncorrected: Basically I have to stop at the blurry shop and ask the blurry person: “What are you selling?”


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