Having Sex with Glasses

Do I have sex with glasses on? Well, I love to see his face when he ejaculate, so yes I did wear glasses during sex for most of the time. But sometime, when the sex get rough, either he or I remove my glasses.

Glasses and myopia can also play its part in sex. Once on a driving trip, he asked me to left my glasses in car. Like a prisoner, I really depends on him for the rest of the evening. he walked me in to the motel, and sit me on a chair. “Don’t go anywhere”, he said while he checked us in. “Yeah, sure”, I said, as sarcastic as I can. I get anxious as he disolve into the distance blur. Thinking that if I’m real hostage and has to depend on him made me aroused at the same time.

I’m looking around while waiting for him to come back, squinting and straining hard, trying to identify the surroundings. The only thing I’m successfull at is the red rose on the table in front of me. “Want to go for dinner”, his voice made me jump. We walked to the restaurant for take away. “The menu is behind the counter”, he said, to which I squint as hard. “Help me, please”, my voice trembled, as I feel helpless. By that time, I was already wet down below. We grab our food and went straight to the room.

We went to our room. “I need to pee”, I said, like a prisoner in the movie. The motel has a shared bathroom, and without glasses, there’s no way I can find it without help. The end of the hallway disolve into massive blur that I can’t identify. He walked me to the bathroom. I know I was at his mercy when he follow me in, and lock the door.


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