You are Glasses Dependent When… (1)

… you have to stop walking when cleaning your glasses.

I did a shopping at nearby 711, and when I walk out, my glasses got fogged up from the humid air after the rain. I took off my glasses to clean it up, and walk for another 3 steps before come to full stop.

I stop not because I’m cleaning my glasses, but because I can’t see a thing!

I was walking back to my Hotel in a foreign country. My hotel is not on the side of main road, it is few hundred meters from the main road into the small alley. Once I remove my glassesall in front of me is darkness, with some big glow of lights from the nearby restaurants and hotel. I look down to the road, and encounter the same pitch black. If there is a pothole right in front of me, I will blindly step into it.

I can hear a sounds of machine while cleaning up my glasses. Looking forward, I can hardly distinguished the light from the vehicle and the surrounding light. It might still quite far or near, I can’t tell. Slowly, 1 pair of moving light tells me that it is a car.

I look forward, back to the light blob of signage that I can’t read. A sheer of thought cross my head: what if I lose my glasses, can I find my hotel? Looking at what I think as the nearest signage, and I still can’t read what is written.

I put on my glasses and continue to walk.


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