Myopic Eye Challenge: in Familiar Supermarket

I decided to see how I’m doing when shopping in supermarket without wearing any visual aid (glasses or contact lens). That means, without -10.5 lens to correct my vision, I can only see clearly around 4 inches from my eyes. I don’t know how difficult is it going to be, so for this first attempt, I went to a supermarket that I regularly went and quite familiar with it.

I park my car in the basement, and slowly put my glasses in the case. Suddenly I feel an intense strain in my eys, as they tried to focus. Blinking several times help to relax them a bit, but does nothing to solve the massive blur that surrounds me. I took a deep breath, open the car door, and lock it. I look around, squint a bit, and recognize a big bright light of the entrance some 15 meters away.

I went up one level to where the supermarket is. As I pass stores, it is impossible to tell what is it. But it is a familiar place for me, so I can tell it either from memory or the bright colors. Some shops put up a banner to announce some specials or discount. It is impossible for me to read what is written on it as I pass by.

I pass several people with indistinguisable faces. Sometime it is also difficult to tell if they are male or female at some distance, or if there are someone over there at over a farther distance. They just blend together with the background.  I also feel that it is harder to avoid people without glasses. Not because I can’t see them, but I have to focus to the moving object to recognize where they are moving, and respond accordingly. Lucky that there wasn’t so many people in the mall that day.

I finally at the supermarket. Through my eyes, the supermarket is full of undistinguishable rack. I walk straight to the milk counter, the item I need to buy, and grab it easily, as I’m familiar with the packaging. Next one is the candy counter. As I walk to the cashier, I pass by rack after rack full of colorful but without any details. I stop in front of the rack for medication, just to try if I can find particular vitamin. Well, without any correction, I have particularly bow to bring my eyes closer to each and every bottle, or slowly feel and grap each of the item and bring it very close to my eyes, some 3-4 inches.

Once I paid my stuff, I walk back carefully to my car, passing indistinguishable faces. So glad when I put on my glasses and back to clear world.


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