The Drunk Eyes

I find that my vision without any correction is much worse when I’m drunk. On one ocassion after a heavy drinking session, I woke up in the middle at night with heavy urge to pee and severe headache. Normally it would be easy for me to simply walk to the bathroom and back. But that night, it is so hard to see the already blurred world through my uncorrected vision. 

That night, my eyes refuse to cooperate. I know which way to see, but as if my eyes refuse to move to particular direction. I’m walking like a blind woman, eyes unfocused to any direction. My hands were streched, tracking the wall, then feel the door knob, feel around the table which under normal circumstances, my eyes can see the blurred shape, into the bathroom. I don’t even bother to turn on the light, knowing that the bright unfocused light will just make me eve more dizzy.

For a moment, I feel aroused after that ammount of touching. What if I go blind, unable to find any aid for my myopic eyes to focus? What if I have to feel my way through everything, unable to visually find my way around? Probably that will be left to another experiement

Realizing that my eyes cause more dizziness than helpful, I close my eyes and feel my way back to the room


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