In Pool at Night

I went to a swimming pool one evening. I had no prescription google, so I’m practically had no correction while swimming. Not a big deal, since in the good light I can usually find my way in familiar environment without any correction. And this is not my first visit to the pool. So I change, put my glasses in a safe place, and swim few laps through my blurry world.With -10 uncorrected, I really can’t see people face, all of them are just blank muted shape. Even when they are less than 2 meters, I can barely made their features. I think the hard part is to see whether someone is swimming in your line, because it is hard to see people after few meter. It is hard… until the nights came in.

I still swimming until I realize, the sky is soo dark. I look at the end of the pool…. I can’t see where the end of the pool is, only a muted darkness. I look around, unable to tell whether anyone is still in the pool or not. The freaky part, I can hear some voice from the side of the pool, but I can’t really know where they are, unless they are less than 3 meters from me and moving. I move out from the pool, find my bag and took out my glasses. SO much relief that the glasses really make a big difference at night.


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