The Dinner

I forgot the last time I have dinner without glasses, and since I’m tired of the weight on my nose, I decided to have a blurry dinner. I think I can just have a simple dinner without need to see any detail.
First off, I realize that I have to be carefull going down the stairs. The line between steps is so hard to see. Then I grab a plate and scoop some rice…. OK, I can’t really see too well to jugde how much I have scooped, but simple, I just look closer. Sitting on the chair, I can teel that there are 2 bowl, one is colored light brown, the other one is dark brown. I brought up close the dark one, which turned out to contain Spaghetti Sauce. The light one contain some vegetables, which what I’m looking for. I figure out that eating is easy.

This is when I feel that my eyes were crappy. I usually read while eating…. but this time without my glasses, I need to bring the magazine around 4 inches from my eyes…. uncomfortable while you are eating. OK, I’ve been try to read several time without glasses, but this is the first time of REAL reading without correction for several years. I must pause while putting the food in my mouth… I can’t even read the headline.
The second thing is… after finishing my food, I look at the clock….. and I can’t make out the time. The clock is only 3 feets away from me…. but even with squinting… I can’t be sure about the time. I must stand and squint….. I can tell that it is 11:20pm.

The third one….. I forgot where I put my glasses. I grope in my nightstand and can’t find it. ON the table… none. Groping for 5-10 minutes, I found it on the bed. Well, at least I didn’t leave any single rice on the plate. OK that I stare a the plate to make sure… but with -8 and -9 uncorrected vision… you can’t do much……..

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