It’s been quite sometime since I got my eyes checked. So since my insurance is almost over, I decided to make use of it to have a new glasses. I walked to the nearest optical shop, to get some nice frame and get my eyes checked. The optician asked for my glasses to check my current prescription. She check my glasses, while I’m sitting blindly in the waiting room. Without my glasses, I can’t see anything in the room. The rack looks clean, while I’m sure it has lots of frame over there.”Your glasses is minus 9?”, I heard someone talked to me. I look above and squint by reflex, but can’t recognize whether she is the same person who took my glasses. I just nodded and she asked me to follow her to the eyecheck room. I follow her blurry shape and sit on the chair, while she prepares everything. She turned on the light on the other side of the room, which I think the eyechart. She then puts some lenses in front of my eyes, and the light is indeed an eyechart, showing the largest letter. Then continue the ritual, which one is better, which one is not, etc.

I missed the 2 last line. She then made an adjustment, few clicks, and finally made it to 2nd from last. Higher prescription causes some minification, which made it hard to get into the last line. I can get 4 out of 6 though on that line.She asked me to follow her to another room, then taking out some frames. I try the frames, and see how I looks like in a mirror. You can imagine how close I am looking in the mirror. I pick a rimless frame, and then she shows me a price list for the lenses. Apparently she forgot that I need my glasses even to read, so I ask for the paper to put it closer. I prefer a high index lens, but they are too expensive. Some models only goes up to -6. I pick a medium priced lens, which goes to -24. WOnder how a -24 see without her glasses.

Then she wrote the order. The glasses should be ready in couple of days. I hope that it won’t goes too thick.Add: The glasses turns out to be soo thick.


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